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What We Do

Liberation is a Lifestyle of Love

Through mindfulness and meditation, we open a portal to a

liberatory lifestyle accentuated by self-love.


We illuminate the ancient African roots of mind/body practice and

supporting neuroscience in an interactive learning process and

frame our current experiences and history in

a powerful and uplifting context.


We explore daily rituals that help lower stress and elevate

the emotions associated with health and balance.


We create a powerful inner pause to foster a graceful

presence and invite joy to arise.


We sit quietly to learn how to rewire the brain and settle

hypervigilant nervous systems to gain greater

access to our intuition, intellect and imagination.


We envision our world beyond the imposition

of racism and its reductionist definitions.


We reclaim our attention and bring a gentle practice to life with a

28-day workbook and weekly connection with a liberation partner.

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