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The Right Within Experience

The Right Within Experience reclaims Humanity, Joy and Wellbeing for people of African ancestry through mindful practices.  It is designed to create a sacred pause to rewrite our historical narrative and belief system and engage with practices that pave the way to inner calm, liberation, resilience and the joy of life.

The Right Within Experience reclaims the power of quiet sitting to rewire the brain and settle hyperactive nervous systems to create internal peace, and greater access to intuition, imagination and all the human gifts that help us thrive!


What we are talking about...…

The Neurobiology of Liberation - Participants investigate the underpinnings of stress and trauma and learn how to metabolize stress and trade survival emotions such as fear, anxiety, suffering and judgement for elevated heart centered emotions such as kindness, compassion, gratitude and love.

Humanity- Rewrites the historical narratives that foster victimization and restores our authentic place on the human timeline.  We explore how to outsmart injustice and oppression by what we think, do and pay attention to with consistency.


Joy- We learn how to have joy make more than just a cameo appearance in life, but be the fuel for elevated emotions, physical and spiritual healing and health.

Wellbeing -  Liberation is a lifestyle of love and essential mind, body and spiritual practices that help us flourish!

"How you gon' win when you ain't right within"
~ Lauryn Hill

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