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Mindful Movement Builder and

Human Flourishing Curator

Jenée Johnson

Jenée Johnson, Program Innovation Leader and trauma trainer is a Certified Professional Coach, Racial Healing, Emotional Intelligence Educator, Minister, Reiki Practitioner and HeartMath facilitator.

Her ground breaking work has been featured in Mindful Magazine and She was honored to be named by her peers as a powerful woman in the mindfulness movement!

Jenée also serves on the advisory board of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) and is the founder and curator of The Right Within Experience, a mindfulness program for the reclamation of humanity, joy and well being for people of African ancestry.

Jenée is a master teacher and sought after keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant. She believes in human flourishing and supports her clients and program participants in accessing joy and refining the human competencies of deep listening, self-awareness, self management and compassion to strengthen relationships and achieve personal and professional goals.


"We are here to flourish!  It is essential that we attend to ourselves with daily heart centered practices like meditation to nourish the body,
soul and spirit.

When we lovingly dedicate ourselves to ourselves, we thrive."

~Jenée Johnson

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